DPRCG Video Collection

Create opportunities for discussion with your staff by using the  DPRCG Video Collection, an at-a-glance overviews that include titles, presenters’ info, session descriptions, lessons learned, and keywords. You’ll find a wealth of experience that you can use for continuous improvement!

The value of using DPRCG videos

  • Peers sharing their experiences – credible, relevant, and practical
  • Watching a scenario unfold on video is powerful
  • Other firms’ leaders talking about their lessons learned spurs discussions
  • Engaging your staff reveals situations on your firm’s projects that may need attention
  • DPRCG members can earn AXA XL’s education credit by choosing from 24 claim exposés, 18 lessons learned cases, and 46 current topics.
  • Your broker can assist with discussion questions and facilitation
  • Use available resources/tools rather than starting from scratch

How your peers are using DPRCG videos

  • Supplement staff meetings or training sessions
  • Connect online to support your risk-aware culture
  • Invite your team to brown bag their lunch and pick up some education
  • Assign videos as an action item in individual performance goals
  • Augment your firm’s risk management resources

DPRCG’s Video Collection is easy to use

  • Categorized by type of presentation:
    • Claim Exposé  (MOST POPULAR!)
    • Claim Case Study
    • Current Topic- Keynote
  • Organized by year
  • At-a-glance overviews include title, presenter info, session description, lessons learned, and keywords
  • Interactive Table of Contents; Ctrl + F search bar
  • Preview a video to confirm it lines up with your training goals

Stream videos from the internet

  • Main, branch and remote offices can view simultaneously or on their own schedule
  • For group meetings, a point person can start/stop the broadcast for discussions via tools like Go-To Meeting, etc.

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