DPRCG Membership Agreement - excerpt

In consideration of admission to membership in the Design Professionals Risk Control Group (DPRCG), a California non-profit mutual benefit corporation, the applicant firm hereby covenants and agrees with DPRCG as follows: 

I. That admission to DPRCG is conditioned upon:

  • The applicant’s meeting the underwriting criteria established for the DPRCG program (The Program) by the Design Professional group of AXA XL.
  • The applicant’s acceptance and purchase of professional liability insurance through the Design Professional group of AXA XL.
  • The applicant’s payment of current program-year membership fee submitted with this application.
  • From time to time, the applicant opts to participate in a review of its claim(s) experience that meets criteria developed by the Board of Directors of DPRCG.  Appropriate non-disclosure provisions will protect member’s proprietary information.
  • The applicant shall meet such other standards for membership as set from time to time by DPRCG and the Design Professional group of AXA XL.


II. That membership includes the following:

  • Exclusive member benefits including customization of select AXA XL research, education and services.
  • Participation in policyholder services and benefits by the Design Professional group of AXA XL.
  • Representation on DPRCG’s Board of Directors through election of board members and participation in management of The Program.
  • Receipt of information and educational materials pertaining to The Program.
  • An opportunity to participate in DPRCG’s Convocation and the funding of expenses (as set forth in the meeting registration information) for one leader to attend this annual meeting.


III. That the applicant shall abide by all requirements, rules and regulations pertaining to DPRCG membership and DPRCG Bylaws. In addition, applicant affirms to:

  • Demonstrate its commitment to loss prevention and sound risk management practices in the delivery of its services to clients.
  • Agree to leverage the resources of DPRCG to further develop and improve its risk management practices, and to make those practices part of its culture and staff training.
  • Volunteer in the work of DPRCG making contributions that will provide valuable benefit to fellow members.