October 18-20, 2023
Tucson, Arizona
Among the many tangible benefits of DPRCG membership, one of the greatest is the annual DPRCG Convocation. It provides an unparalleled event for attendees to network with true peers and focus on new solutions to the myriad of problems and pitfalls faced by large firms. The two-day meeting also provides information easily shared with staff unable to attend, a valuable member benefit. 
DPRCG’s Convocation is an annual industry-leading conference attended by 90+% of DPRCG member firms each year with a majority of firms represented by multiple attendees.

The sharing among like-minded, risk-aware professionals is a unique experience! Every past attendee can recall multiple gems of wisdom they have gained from their peers – insights on practice management issues, lessons learned from projects/client relationships, leadership development – all facilitating stronger risk management practices.